The much awaited Grand Finals Day of the Overwatch League 2022 Playoffs has finally ended with a overwhelming receive from the audience onsite and online. After the release of Overwatch 2 on October 5, the metagame has definitely changed due to removing one player to the competitive scene consisting of 1 Tank, 2 Damage Heroes, and 2 Support Heroes. We now go towards almost the end of season 1 by also ending the Overwatch League 2022 with its Grand Finals Day on November 4.

We start things off by awarding the MVP of the season, San Francisco Shock’s very own, Kim “Proper” Dong-hyun. Proper was well-deserving of the title due to his remarkable plays, and key pickoffs that would ultimately win them their games. With his trademark Genji and Tracer, San Francisco Shock moves on to have an Upper Bracket Quarter Finals Advancement.

Following the San Francisco Shock’s journey, they have advanced to the Lower Bracket Finals against the team that made them go down in the Lower Bracket in the first place, Houston Outlaws with a grueling 5 game series. Houston Outlaws was also brought down to the Lower Bracket Finals against the favorites to win, Dallas Fuels, that are already waiting for their Grand Finals opponent.

The start of the Lower Bracket Finals was in the form of Control in Nepal where San Francisco Shock dominated Houston Outlaws, way different than the results of the game mode in the Upper Bracket. Houston Outlaws got an early lead in the first map of the first game and things were almost done when they got a pick off on Shocks’ Damage Player, Striker, however out of nowhere, Proper suddenly eliminates the Outlaws’ Tank, Danteh. This turned everything around, Shock getting the capture point and defending it well having a synced coordination. They won the last teamfight, even outlasting the Sound Barrier by Lastro, and charging forward afterwards to further lengthen their lead, leading them to win map 1. The 2nd map was also the same situation where Houston Outlaws had a huge lead but dropped the ball as they were close to getting that map 3. San Francisco Shock did not allow Houston Outlaws to even score one map having a score of 2-0 for the first Game of the series.

San Francisco Shock 1-0 Houston Outlaws

We continue the series with Game 2 in Hybrid King’s Row. The San Francisco Shock was first up in the attack and really showed up big time by completing the escort of the payload with 1 minute and 32 seconds left in the clock. The Houston Outlaws didn’t finish escorting the payload even to the first point, because of the overwhelming defense provided by San Francisco Shock. The game ended in a score of 3-1, giving San Francisco Shock match point.

San Francisco Shock 2-0 Houston Outlaws

It is now do or die for the Houston Outlaws for their tournament life and we are heading to Route 66 for a game of Escort on Game 3. Once again, San Francisco Shock will start up the match in the offense while Houston would try and stop them from winning the series. We start off things for Houston Outlaws having a much better game of defending, only allowing Shock to enter the first checkpoint with 45 seconds left, giving them 3 minutes and 15 seconds only for their next push. This time, Houston Outlaws was successful to stop San Francisco Shock on their tracks and defended until 68.59m for the attacker side, after the first checkpoint. We now switch to the Houston Outlaws on the attacker side, with a goal of 68.60m after the first checkpoint only to win their first game in the series. They had a difficult time showing up in the game until the final moments of overtime before the first checkpoint where Merit finally came to play, wiping the San Francisco Shock’s defense, and still keeping themselves in the game. With 2 minutes and 30 seconds on the clock, Houston Outlaws really have to be flawless at this point in escorting the payload. However, like the 2nd game, San Francisco Shock showed a remarkable defense, giving the Outlaws a hard time to push the payload until the very last moment once again in overtime. The Outlaws was able to push it to until 67.71m then Proper, Coluge and Striker denies them their chance in an instant.

San Francisco Shock 3-0 Houston Outlaws

San Francisco Shock moves on to the Grand Finals against Dallas Fuel in a Best of 7 Match. Only one team will take home the championship. Before the Grand Finals, Overwatch League gave a surprise of revealing a new hero called Ramattra, an Omnic Tank that might change the meta game. Once everything has settled, both teams are welcomed once again to the stage for the start of the Grand Finals of Overwatch League 2022.

We start the Grand Finals with a game of Control in Lijiang Tower. We start with map 1 of game 1 where Dallas Fuels absolutely dominated Shock with a flawless victory, not allowing a single point or contention for the control point. That gives 1-0 to Fuels. As for the next map, it was a complete turnaround where Shock was the one in control almost ending the map with also a flawless victory, however got wiped during overtime. They played out the map for a while but a massive slip up by the Fuels of no one entering the control point gave the Shock that 1 percent to win the game, having tied 1-1 for game point. In the last map of game 1, both of the teams are neck and neck, having the control point back and forth until Fuels decided to end the game in their terms, winning the first game of the Grand Finals.

Dallas Fuels 1-0 San Francisco Shock

Heading on to the next game of the Grand Finals, we have Hybrid on King’s Row where both teams were really close with each other. Starting the game off, we have Shocks on the attacker side successfully capturing the capture point and escorting the payload to a total of 109.09m. It was then the Dallas Fuel’s turn to continue the game and try to surpass the Shocks’ record. In one fell swoop, the season MVP decided to end the game with winning pickoffs with his Sojourn ult, only letting Fuels 106.94m of escorting the payload, tying the score to 1-1 and making the series a Best of 5.

Dallas Fuels 1-1 San Francisco Shock

Breaking the tie, we go to Escort in Dorado. Both teams were successful in escorting the payload to the 2nd checkpoint however there was a stellar difference in the 3rd checkpoint. The same thing happened with Game number 2 of the Grand Finals, having San Francisco Shock show up and perform well in escorting the payload to almost a perfect game with an 85.02m run while Dallas Fuel only pushing the payload to 65.72m. This pushes San Francisco Shock to a one point lead.

Dallas Fuels 1-2 San Francisco Shock

We then go to a game mode of Push in Esperança for the 4th Game of the Grand Finals. San Francisco was successful to take the initiative and the lead during the first few minutes of the game with a high enough distance to cover their win. However, in the last moments of the game, star dps player Kim “SP9RK1E” Yeong-han found an opening for a devastating death blossom, giving them the lead they need to come back to the game. This is where we see the weakness of San Francisco Shock having Dallas Fuel penetrate their defenses and having their team in disarray. Dallas had better execution on how they would want to dissect the team fight and ultimately win the game with a distance of 82.55m against Shocks’ 69.94m. Resetting the game to a Best of 3.

Dallas Fuels 2-2 San Francisco Shock

We have another game of Control in the Oasis to see which team would get the first Championship point in the Grand Finals. The first map of the game was down to the wire with both teams having 99% of the control point. It came down to a last team fight with Dallas Fuel having the control point, and with SP9RK1E’s death blossom once again, they won the first map. Moving on to the 2nd and 3rd map however, San Francisco Shock, shocked the world by having both flawless victories over Dallas Fuel with their massive defense play and pressuring most of the players to overstep their boundaries. The final score of control in Oasis was 1-2 in favor of San Francisco Shocks, giving them championship point.

Dallas Fuels 2-3 San Francisco Shock

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We now go to Route 66 for an Escort game mode for the potential win for the Shocks. The Shocks are up first on the attacker side to set the bar for the Fuels to conquer. Both teams wanted this game 6 since one side will have the championship, and the other, another chance for the championship. The bar the Shocks set for the Fuels was 57.89m after the first checkpoint. Fuels really tried their hardest to stop the Shocks from further pushing they payload for a smaller hurdle to cross. In the end, the Fuels on attack was on fire with more than 2 minutes to spare before crossing the 57.89m mark. Kim “Edison” Tae-hoon had that one amazing pickoff on his Sojourn counterpart, Proper, giving them the man advantage, crossing the bar and ladies and gentlemen, we are going to a game 7.

Dallas Fuels 3-3 San Francisco Shock

In the first ever Overwatch League Grand Finals History, we have a game 7. San Francisco Shock is familiar with this scene having won 2019 and 2020 with a dominant win. Will they be successful in winning their 3rd Grand Finals or will Dallas Fuels win their first ever Overwatch League Grand Finals title. We take the final map to a game of Push in Colosseo. We saw San Francisco Shocks struggle with this game mode and it really showed in this final map. Dallas Fuels had a massive advantage immediately where Fuels would find holes in the Shocks defenses. San Francisco Shocks tried to struggle even having a final push towards overtime but in the end, the distance covered by the Fuels were too big to chase. The score ended at 116.89m to 58.05m, Dallas winning the Grand Finals.

Dallas Fuels 4-3 San Francisco Shock

Dallas Fuels bags their first win with Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok as the Grand Finals MVP. The Overwatch League Grand Finals 2022 makes history for a new champion as well as the first ever 7 game series of the entire league. Congratulations on Dallas Fuels for winning this year’s Overwatch League Grand Finals.

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