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Owner of Puerto Rican team that JJ Barea coaches punches a referee

jj barea, mavs

After a solid stint as an NBA point guard, Dallas Mavericks player JJ Barea is now a coach in his home country of Puerto Rico. The NBA champion with the Dallas Mavericks is currently calling the shots for his former team Indios de Mayaguez.

His team recently caught itself hogging Puerto Rican headlines when their then-owner, Carlos Crespo, punched a referee during a tense moment in a playoff game as Barea was pleading his case to the officials.

This move was not only out of line, but disgraceful as well. Due to this, Crespo has been banned for life from the Puerto Rican league, and was forced to sell the team.

Barea has a lot of experience with eccentric owners. For the first five years, and the last three, of his NBA career, he was playing for Mark Cuban.

Even with as much frustration as referees can cause sometimes, this is unheard from in any league. Barea will, of course, stay as the coach of the team over the summer, regardless of the ownership change.