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Rumor: NBA analyst thinks Pacers will get either D’Angelo Russell or trade for Mike Conley

Pacers, Mike Conley, D'Angelo Russell

The Indiana Pacers could make some moves in this looming free-agency period, taking aim at restricted free agent D’Angelo Russell or potentially trading for Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies, according to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders.

Boston Celtics point man Terry Rozier could figure as another as he hits free agency, potentially looking for a new place to play after a rough season in Boston:

The Pacers are looking for a dynamic backcourt to give their team some oomph, eyeing to pair star Victor Oladipo — who had his season cut short due to injury — with another All-Star-caliber who that can give this defensive-minded team some offensive firepower.

Russell brings the best of both worlds, as he’s young and able to score at a high clip while setting a career high in assists last season.

Conley is a proven playmaker and a seasoned scorer, but his loaded contract wouldn’t be exactly an ideal haul, considering Indiana plans to still use Oladipo as the featured scorer.

Rozier is young and promising, but still unpolished, making him that “C” option Kyler speaks of in the Pacers’ quest for a point guard.

The Pacers won’t be in play for the premiere point guard talent like Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker, but they could get the tier right below and come away from it with an upgraded backcourt and a strong pairing to make another strong run in the East.