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Video: Al Jefferson perfectly pump-fakes rookie for open look

al jefferson

Gone are the days where Al Jefferson is an automatic 20-point, 10-rebound guy. As a 33-year-old who’s been slowed down by a couple of injuries, he’s now an elder statesman playing a backup role with the Indiana Pacers.

Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t show off from time to time. Big Al still has certain tricks up his sleeves whenever he’s in the paint, and he’s ready to make the young guys pay.

A certain Kevin Hart meme is a perfect reaction to that play. Brooklyn Nets’ rookie center Jarrett Allen simply wasn’t ready.

The “schooling” — if you want to label it like that — occurred early in the second quarter during Wednesday’s 108-103 win over the Nets.

Facing man-to-man defense, Pacers guard Joe Young used Jefferson’s screen while at the center to run a routine pick-and-roll. Jefferson then had a good roll and followed it up by a well-timed, one-handed ball fake – reminiscent of how Michael Jordan would do it back in the day to free himself up for an easy lay-up. The unprepared rookie in Allen reacted in a way he should but was unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jefferson was also efficient in the contest. In just eight minutes of action, he tallied 13 points, three rebounds, and two blocks on 6-of-7 shooting. It was his second-highest scoring output this season.

Such quick-fire production from the 14-year veteran has been constant since he joined the Pacers in 2016. Beginning that year, he’s putting up 20.0 points and 10.3 rebounds per 36 minutes.