You don't have to worry much in a land ravaged by environmental collapse, severe radiation, and supernatural entities. After all, you have a car. Drive on to learn more about Pacific Drive, its release date, gameplay, and story.

Pacific Drive Release Date: 2023

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Pacific Drive will release in 2023 for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

Pacific Drive gameplay

Pacific Drive is a run-based, first-person driving survival game. Judging from what is shown in the trailer, it is a roguelite game. That means that the player repeatedly goes on runs down a path, and gets upgrades to help in their next runs. Most of the game will revolve around the player driving through the map. There are times when the player needs to step out and repair their car or gather resources, but you still drive most of the time. While driving, the player will have to dodge and weave their way through different kinds of obstacles. The trailer shows us a few of these obstacles, such as floating rocks or goo-filled things. If the car is destroyed or rendered undrivable, the player and the car are transported back to the starting point.

The player starts each run in a garage. While in this garage, they can choose which routes to run. They can also upgrade their car to help them last longer in their runs. Upgrades include armor plating, maneuverability boosts, and more. The website hints that the car “develops its own quirks and personality”. We can only wait to find out just what exactly they mean. Other than the car, the garage has upgrades of its own. Just like with the car, upgrading the garage helps the player navigate the routes better.

As with most roguelites. the routes are unique and randomized each time. Each run is unique in its own way, so players always need to adjust to the changes on the fly. As you explore the map, you will learn more about the history of the place, and maybe even figure out how to get out.

Pacific Drive story

In the year 1995, the US government turned a region in the Pacific Northwest into an area of experimentation. There, they test new technologies. However, this came at a great cost, and the government had to wall off the ravaged area, dubbing it the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Out of curiosity, you explore near the perimeter but get stuck inside when things don't go as planned. While inside, you discover a car, and later a garage. Your objective is clear: repair the car, escape the zone, and learn more about this zone.

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