NFL players, coaches, executives, and scouts were polled on how they currently rank wide receivers. There was close to a clear consensus on who sits tall at No. 1: Davante Adams.

“This wasn't close,” ESPN's Jeremy Fowler wrote after going through 50+ submissions.

The full top 10 resulted in: 1. Davante Adams, 2. DeAndre Hopkins, 3. Stefon Diggs, 4. Tyreek Hill, 5. Julio Jones, 6. Keenan Allen, 7. Mike Evans, 8. Michael Thomas, 9. DK Metcalf, 10. A.J. Brown.

Davante Adams' top spot comes after not even making the top five in the same poll that was sent out this time last year. Anyone who was not fully convinced Adams is one of the most dominant receivers in the league must've had their eyes open after his 2020 season. He finished first in touchdowns (18), tied for fifth in yards (1,374), and third in receptions (115).

“Just starting to get his due,” an AFC coordinator said. “He wasn't this [good] a few years ago but you've seen him come into his own. So hard to deal with on the line of scrimmage.”

Green Bay's star QB Aaron Rodgers has consistently asked for more wide receiver help, but they've gotten by very well with Adams playing a massive workhorse role. No one can deny the spectacular seasons DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs just had, but Davante precisely did everything for the Packers receiving wise.

Adding more talent could open up the field for Adams and lead to even more dominant numbers, as defenses know when Rodgers drops back, all eyes have to be on Davante Adams.