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Packers news: Davante Adams facing ‘big day’ on Friday to decide status vs. Cowboys

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams is facing a big day on Friday if he wants to play on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. Adams is dealing with turf toe and hasn’t been able to practice at all this week.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, there is a chance he could go today during practice, but if he can’t go he won’t have a shot to play on Sunday.

Adams went to nationally renowned foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson earlier this week who determined that he didn’t need to have surgery and it shouldn’t be a long term injury.

ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell said that when Adams is ready to return, there will probably be some sort shank or plate inserted in the cleat to help restrict movement.

“While the more severe injuries require surgery to repair the tissue and restore stability to the joint, more mild injuries may respond well to conservative treatment,” Bell said via ESPN. “In some cases, a supportive shank or plate will be inserted into the shoe to restrict motion at the joint when the athlete returns to play.”

Once he is able to return he could have issues pushing off and for some players, it’s a problem playing with the plate in the shoe.

“Power with push-off — and anything with explosive demands — can be compromised by pain and instability, if present,” Bell said. “But even if those elements aren’t a factor, the restriction of something in the shoe can sometimes hinder that ability to dig the toe into the ground and push off.”