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Matt LaFleur knows his relationship with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is ‘critical’

Matt LaFleur, Aaron Rodgers, Packers

The Green Bay Packers are looking to rebound next season after failing to reach the postseason two years in a row. With a new head coach, it’s likely the team will see a whole new look implemented by Matt LaFleur.

What may be most important this offseason is the relationship between LaFleur and quarterback Aaron Rodgers after things previously turned sour in Green Bay.

LaFleur knows exactly how important his relationship is with Rodgers and it appears they already becoming acclimated to one another.

“That relationship is critical, and it’s not necessarily because I’m the head coach—it’s because I’m the play-caller. You have to develop relationships with everyone in that building. But when it comes to Aaron, it’s so critical, because I’m the play-caller. And so anytime you’re the play-caller, you better have a relationship with that quarterback. I do believe this, and I’ve said it from Day One—it’s a partnership. And I’ll tell you what, I don’t care what’s been said, I’ve spent a week with him, and I’ve really enjoyed every second of it.”

The Packers are an extremely talented team, but the last two seasons have been somewhat disastrous for a team used to success.

Rodgers is the face of franchise and LaFleur will need to continue to make it a point to keep his quarterback happy if the team wants to compete for another Super Bowl.

If Rodgers can ignite some energy in the offense and play to his full potential, the Packers offense can be one of the best units in the league.