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Matt LaFleur takes blame for the Packers’ loss to Chargers

With the way the Green Bay Packers have performed this season, it’s hard to imagine that they would fall to an underperforming Los Angeles Chargers. However, that’s exactly what happened as Matt LaFleur’s boys were blindsided by a motivated Chargers team to lose their second game of the season.

It was an unexpected collapse that saw the team struggle through three quarters. It was a very uncharacteristic defeat that betrays the superb start the Packers showed during their first half of the season. Aaron Rodgers only threw for 161 yards, and the running game was inconsistent as they struggled to find the end zone.

LaFleur immediately shifted any potential blame towards his direction. he told Matt Schneidman that it’s his fault that the team didn’t play the way he wanted to against the Chargers.

The performance probably gave him a lot of pressure. The game was supposed to be an away fixture, but a horde of Packers fans filled the Chargers’ home stadium. To be stifled like this in front of their own crowd must have been horrible for him. Moreover, they gave the Chargers a big confidence booster that could turn into a superb run of games.

However, LaFleur didn’t mind any of those external pressures. All he cares about is the team and how they could improve on their performances.

If that is the case, then fans can expect Green Bay to come back big next week.