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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes blown away by a throw Packers QB Aaron Rodgers made in 2014

Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Chiefs, Packers

Aaron Rodgers has made jaw-dropping plays for the Green Bay Packers over the years, but there was one play in particular that caught the eye of Patrick Mahomes. While responding to a tweet from the official NFL account on Twitter, Mahomes was blown away by a throw that Rodgers made in 2014.

The play took place when Rodgers and the Packers were taking on the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Week 4. Once Rodgers took the snap, he was immediately under pressure, causing him to evade defenders in the pocket.

Then, Rodgers escaped the pocket and delivered a perfect throw to Davante Adams, all whilst having a defender hit him below the waist. Unfortunately for Rodgers, the throw didn’t count due to a holding penalty on one of his offensive linemen.

As a result of the play not counting, the NFL’s official Twitter account dubbed it as one of the ‘best throws that didn’t count.’ At the least, Mahomes was impressed with the throw, saying it was the best one he’s ever seen.

Before Mahomes arrived in the NFL, Rodgers was considered to be the most gifted quarterback in the league. Regardless of where he was throwing the ball from, Rodgers was always making pinpoint passes that would make you scratch your head.

Even at 36 years old, Rodgers is still able to make a ton of throws that most quarterbacks aren’t able to make in their dreams. Seeing the response by Mahomes on Rodgers’ insane throw in 2014, it’s evident that real recognize real.