For much of the 2023 season, the San Diego Padres have been a wildly disappointing team. And yet, with just eight games left in the season, the Padres find themselves playing their best baseball of the year, as they are currently in the middle of an eight-game win streak. While they still sit four games out of the final National League Wild Card spot, Manny Machado said San Diego isn't giving up just yet.

After their latest win over the St. Louis Cardinals, the Padres pushed their record on the season to 76-78. While that's still not very good, it's been enough to keep San Diego on the edge of the wild card race, even with just a few games left in the season. Machado recognizes that they may not have great odds, but ensured that the Padres are going to go down fighting.

“We’re emptying the tank. We’ve got eight games left to go out there and leave it on the field. That’s what we’re doing.” – Manny Machado,

The Padres have won eight straight games, and they will likely have to win all eight of their final games if they truly want a shot at finding their way into the playoffs. Not only do they have to make up a four game gap in just eight games, but they also have to jump over four other teams in the standings. However, Machado made it clear San Diego has no intention of giving up, and it will be interesting to see what they are able to accomplish over the final week of the season.