While Baker Mayfield didn’t take the field last Thursday for the Carolina Panthers, he still managed to steal the show.

As the Panthers were taking on the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night football, Mayfield celebrated with his teammates by headbutting them as they headed to the sidelines. It is worth noting that Mayfield did not have a helmet on during this interaction.

During a conversation with reporters on Wednesday, Mayfield was asked why he chose to head-butt his teammates. His response offered a simple reason.

Baker Mayfield Via Fox Sports Sheena Quick:

“I’ve always done that. It just so happens that it got caught on camera. I’ve done that since college. I love this game and I love my teammates. We work together too hard not to enjoy it. Yeah, a good head butt every once in a while goes a long way.”

After getting off to a slow start in his first season with the Panthers, Mayfield was relegated to the bench. In his place, P.J. Walker earned the starting job.

Over the weekend it was revealed that Walker suffered a high ankle sprain. This will sideline him in Week 11, opening the door for Baker Mayfield to return to the field.

Mayfield has appeared in six games this season. In his six starts, he posted a record of 1-5. During this stretch, he threw for 1,117 passing yards, six touchdowns, and just interceptions. On the ground, he added 40 rushing yards and one touchdown.

Mayfield will be put back into the spotlight as the Panthers take on a strong Baltimore Ravens team. A strong outing could allow the former first-overall pick to regain his starting job.