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Panthers’ offensive strategy revealed by head coach Matt Rhule

Panthers, Matt Rhule

The Carolina Panthers have a new-look wide receiver corps in 2020 and new head coach Matt Rhule believes that the current group will bring the best out of Teddy Bridgewater. Ahead of his debut season as head coach, Rhule revealed Carolina’s offensive strategy in 2020.

During a video conference call on Thursday, Rhule pinpointed how having wide receivers that can stretch the field can dictate what the Panthers do on offense:

“I think one of the strengths of our team is that Robby Anderson’s a deep-play threat, Curtis Samuel is a deep-play threat, DJ Moore is a deep-play threat,” Rhule said. “So we feel like we have the power to be able to take advantage of throwing the ball downfield, and we know Teddy can do that.”

So far in his career, Bridgewater has been justifiably criticized for his lack of ability to throw the deep ball. However, Rhule doesn’t believe the veteran quarterback is given a fair judgment on throwing it deep.

In his six seasons in the NFL, Bridgewater has averaged just 6.8 adjusted yards per pass attempt. Furthermore, just this past season with the New Orleans Saints, Bridgewater averaged only 6.2 intended air yards per attempt. That was the lowest mark among qualified quarterbacks in the NFL.

Despite the numbers showing his struggles to push the ball downfield, Rhule is confident that Bridgewater can throw it deep. Earlier this offseason, the Panthers signed Robby Anderson, giving them another vertical threat in the offense. Altogether, the trio of Anderson, D.J. Moore, and Curtis Samuel should translate to more deep passes from Bridgewater in 2020.