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Matt Rhule looking to bring Baylor DC to the Carolina Panthers

Matt Rhule, Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have named Baylor head coach Matt Rhodes as the team’s head coach for the next seven years. It will be an exciting time for Panthers fans, as Rhule has been one of the more exciting coaches in the collegiate football scene.

As he begins his reign at the Bank of America Stadium, he now has the time to assemble all of the right personnel to help him establish the perfect coaching staff to help him achieve his goals. It’s reported that he’ll be looking at signing Phil Snow, his own defensive coordinator at Baylor.

According to NFL.com’s Jeremy Bergman, the search for his DC didn’t exactly take long for him to complete, as the two have shared a long and successful professional relationship. He also has the experience in coaching NFL sides as well.

A longtime Rhule-r, Snow has worked with the new Panthers coach since 2013, when Rhule was hired to turn around Temple. Snow followed Rhule to Baylor in 2017, where the coaches helped transform the 1-11 Bears into a Sugar Bowl outfit in three seasons.

The 64-year-old Snow is not new to the NFL — he worked a defensive assistant and linebackers coach from 2005 through 2008 — but has spent the majority of his 44-year coaching career in college.

Rhule is excited about the opportunity to coach at the pro level, eager to provide the Panthers some much-needed guidance back to the Super Bowl.

“The football part of it for me is trying to go coach and compete at the highest level,” Rhule said of making the move to the pro level, via ESPN’s David Newton. “It’s really about nothing else. It’s not about money or fame. It’s about having a chance of everyone having the same rules, everyone having the same players, being at the highest level.”

It remains to be seen which personalities will fill out the rest of his roster.