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Panthers coach Matt Rhule will retire the infamous smock worn at Baylor

Matt Rhule, Panthers

Sometimes there are questions that matter. Sometimes there are questions that really matter. The question of if Matt Rhule will wear his infamous smock as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers goes into the latter category.

While rebuilding the University of Baylor’s football program before going to the NFL, Rhule earned fans not for his work, but for his choice of clothing on the sidelines. He wore a “smock,” which wasn’t quite a sleeveless sweater or vest. It’s a smock, as he even said.

Will the powers of the smock join Rhule in Charlotte? It appears not.

That [will stay at ] Baylor,” Rhule told Tiff Blackmon of NFL.com. “I put on a nice pullover today and it felt really good. It covered all my everything, it was black and I felt really at home.”

That solves that. Rhule will not bring the powers of the smock to the Panthers. Even if he won’t wear it in Carolina, his new running back Christian McCaffrey approved of it in advance.

I love it, man, I love it. He might be a little toasty during camp, but I love it,” McCaffrey said on Wednesday of Rhule’s smock, via the team’s official website. “He’s got his own little swag. A lot of coaches have that, but I’ve never seen the smock… I started Googling the pictures and I’d honestly never seen one of those before, but I can respect his swag.”

#SmockWatch2020 is over. Rhule will not bring his swag to the Panthers’ sidelines, for better or worse.