Someone may want to check in on new Carolina Panthers running back Miles Sanders, who just shared one of the coldest takes in recent memory.

Sanders had some high praise for quarterback Andy Dalton, who joined the Panthers earlier this offseason after a one-year stint with division rival New Orleans Saints. While Carolina has named Dalton the starter going into the season, he is most likely a mentor for No. 1 overall pick Bryce Young. The youngster is expected to take over the starting role when ready.

When speaking on the two quarterbacks during an interview with the Mac and Bone podcast Thursday, Sanders said, “We’ve got a very, very good young quarterback that’s being mentored by a very, very, very good quarterback, future Hall of Famer, Andy Dalton.”

Sanders was likely trying to hype up both of his new teammates, but he definitely took it too far. Dalton has had a solid 13-year NFL career, but nowhere near the level of a Hall of Fame quarterback. His best seasons came during his first five years with the Cincinnati Bengals where he led the team to the playoffs for five consecutive years. Still, he failed to win a single playoff game during that time.

Considering very few quarterbacks make the Hall of Fame without a Super Bowl ring, it would be surprising if Dalton even received consideration without playoff wins on his resumé.

Miles Sanders joined the Panthers after spending his first four years with the Philadelphia Eagles and going to the Super Bowl with them this past year. After the Eagles acquired both D'Andre Swift and Rashaad Penny in the offseason, Sanders found a new home in Carolina. While Sanders should not necessarily be trusted for his comments, his play should add a spark to the Panthers run game this upcoming season.