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Sam Darnold breaks silence on Baker Mayfield trade

Panthers, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield

When the Carolina Panthers acquired Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns, many assumed Mayfield would  become the starting QB for Carolina. However, there is a quarterback competition brewing between Sam Darnold and Mayfield. Darnold recently commented on the competition between him and the former Browns’ QB, per NFL.com.

“It’s always fun to compete and to be able to have someone to compete with,” Darold said. “At the same time, in our eyes, we’re both the starting quarterback for this team right now, and that’s how we’re going to view it.”

Darnold threw for over 2,500 yards and 9 touchdowns last season. On the other hand, Mayfield tallied over 3,000 yards with 17 touchdowns. And that was considered a down season for him.

On paper, Baker Mayfield is the likely starter. But the one thing Sam Darnold has going for him is history with the Panthers. Although he’s only been in Carolina for one season, Darnold’s experience with the team plays to his benefit.

Darnold later commented on what Mayfield brings to the table.

“Any time you bring someone of Baker’s competitive level — the way he competes out there on Sundays, and not only on Sundays but also on the practice field — it can only help the room, and it can only help our team.”

Finally, he shot down any rumors of bad blood or tension between the two.

“Me and Baker are cool. We’re going to be able to compete and have fun with it. But at the end of the day, this is a business, and we both take our craft and what we do very seriously. So it’s going to be very serious when it’s time to compete. But off the field and all that stuff, me and Baker are really cool.”

Mayfield previously echoed a similar sentiment.

They may be “cool” off the field, but Darnold will attempt to upset the odds and earn the role of Panthers starting QB in training camp.