The Carolina Panthers have been the surprise team of the season thus far, sporting an immaculate 3-0 record. But their latest win comes at the price of a potentially serious Christian McCaffrey injury.

The Panthers running back suffered a hamstring injury against the Houston Texans. He spent an inordinate amount of time in the blue medical tent, leading to speculation that the injury was indeed serious.

It remains to be seen what the exact timetable is for his return this season, assuming he returns at all. But quarterback Sam Darnold believes the team is equipped to continue forward without McCaffrey.

“We'll be all right without him,” said the Panthers QB. “Obviously, we want him back. But I want him to take his time and make sure he's good for the end of the season.”

Left tackle Cam Erving made an even stronger statement on the injury, reminding everyone that the Panthers are more than just one guy.

“We're a football team,” he said. “We're not the Carolina Christian McCaffreys.”

Make no mistake about it: losing Christian McCaffrey will be a massive blow for the Panthers hoping to maintain their success. But they achieved their wins as a collective, and that's exactly what they need to continue to do to make up for his absence.