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Pat Riley shares his theory on how to beat the Warriors

Miami Heat team president Pat Riley is somewhat of an NBA genius. The former coach of the Showtime Lakers and one of the best executives in the history of the league is now, like everyone in the NBA, faced with a seemingly unbeatable juggernaut.

The Golden State Warriors built a truly amazing team. They added former MVP Kevin Durant to an already championship-caliber team, making them almost impossible to beat. However, nothing is impossible for Riley.

The man who put together the Heat super team in 2010 shared a few words on the Warriors. In a short interview with the Palm Beach Post, Riley talked about how the Dubs made their team into what it is today.

“They drafted well, but they also made some very good acquisitions via trade and free agency,” Riley said. “They got (Andre) Iguodala, they ended up getting (Andrew) Bogut in a trade. The very first championship they won, they signed Shaun Livingston. They drafted Draymond Green in the second round. So they had a very low contract with Steph, they got Klay, so they grew organically. … They used all three areas.”

Riley also shared his thoughts about how to beat this team.

“I think today in order to catch them, if you want to do the organic trip, it’s going to take you a long time,” Riley said. “Because the organic trip obviously is through lotteries and draft, and maybe some real good trades. But to be able to pick off the free agent that can change that organic trip and make it a little faster, I think will always be there.”

Riley is right. The Dubs were nowhere near contention when the team was being put together, and it took a while to reach this level. With that, an organization would need to be lucky to get someone like Green in the second round.

The route Riley tried to take with meetings with Durant last summer and Gordon Hayward this summer is the best one. However, most teams do not have the core that needs that one superstar to compete. Those teams that have the core of that quality usually do not have the cap space to add anyone relevant.

Due to all of this, it seems like the Dubs are due to dominate the league for a long time.