New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones garnered attention at OTAs when he told the media that he wanted to earn the respect of everyone in the building again, and former Patriots defensive coach Eric Mangini liked the comment, but criticized Jones for his “arrogance.”

“I like what he said,” Eric Mangini said, via Greg Dudek of NESN. “I like it a lot because I've always felt that Mac didn't appreciate how good a situation he came into. He had Josh McDaniels, he had Mick Lombardi, a great offensive staff, he had as stable an organization as you could get. He had a team that played complementary football. He came from a program that was similar. It was a perfect situation for who he was. And then Josh McDaniels leaves, he talks about, ‘Oh, I've had multiple coordinators. It's not that big a deal.'”

Mangini believes that Jones did not appreciate how stable the Patriots are compared to the rest of the NFL.

“There was a little arrogance to the way he approached things,” Mangini said, cia Dudek. “And then he found out how hard it is to win consistently in this league, and how tenuous your position is and that you probably shouldn't go outside the New England Patriots organization if you don't like what's going on.”

The Patriots brought in Bill O'Brien as the team's new offensive coordinator. Jones hopes with the help of Bill O'Brien that he will be able to help the team get back to the playoffs in the 2023 NFL season.