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Jason McCourty’s message to NFL players on using their platform amid protests

Jason McCourty, Patriots

New England Patriots standout Jason McCourty knows how important it is that NFL players use their platform to speak out following the death of George Floyd. McCourty knows once players retire they still have a platform, but it won’t be as strong as it as while they are still active players:

“We have to take advantage of the platform we have when we have it,” Jason McCourty said via Chris Cotillo of MassLive. “Once we’re retired, you still can do it but it’s almost too late to demand the audience and people that you have. I think it starts with a conversation. As you watch what has gone on over the last few days, with the rioting and looting, it’s a form of communication when you don’t know how else to communicate.”

McCourty knows he doesn’t believe rioting and looting is the way to get the message across, but he can’t speak for others, so he doesn’t feel it’s right to speak out against it. McCourty doesn’t know how to get the answer they are looking for, which is why he believes some are trying a different way to make a point:

“I wouldn’t find myself out rioting and looting,” he added. “I think a peaceful protest is awesome. At the same time, I can’t sit here in the comfort of my house and tell somebody who firmly believes that the rioting and looting is going to change (things), I can’t tell them they’re wrong because I cannot directly tell them in a manner or a way, if you do A, B and C, we’re going to get the answer we want. I think everybody’s just at a loss for solutions.”

Hopefully, at the end of this, we are moving closer to a world where everyone actually is equal, and it’s not just a thing people say when they know it’s not true.