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Richard Sherman speaks out on other players voicing their opinions amid protests

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman has always been a vocal leader for civil rights in the United States, and with that being back in the forefront, he has been impressed with how NFL players have handled it.

On Memorial Day, George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, something that has led to demonstrations across the entire United States.

Sherman said he is especially impressed with white quarterbacks who have spoken out because sometimes their opinions mean more to some fans:

“I’m impressed with the white QBs speaking up because those are voices that carry different weight than the black voices for some people,” Sherman said to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. “Which means the people who refuse to listen to a black athlete’s perspective will hear the same thing said from a white athlete, but receive the message much differently.”

The 49ers star said that’s one thing that makes sports teams so special because skin color doesn’t matter when everyone is working towards a common goal:

So it’s awesome that more people are speaking out, because in sports, you really have a love and appreciation for your fellow man, regardless of race.

“And I think that’s what makes sports and teams so special, because a lot of the stereotypes are torn down. You really get to know one another, not judge based off nonsense.”

Hopefully, we will reach a point in the United States where there are no stereotypes anywhere, not just in sports. We have made it a long way in terms of race relations, but there is still a long way to go.