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Patriots’ Julian Edelman spotted ‘liking’ tweet about joining Tom Brady in Tampa Bay

Julian Edelman, Tom Brady, Patriots, Buccaneers

Tom Brady is headed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After 20 years with the New England Patriots, the quarterback is on his way out.

Spending all that time with one team, there are a lot of players that only know having Brady as their quarterback. That includes superstar wide receiver Julian Edelman.

So of course it’s not weird to think that the wide receiver might want to keep playing with the future Hall of Famer.

And with NESN’s Doug Kyed’s eagle eye, Edelman was caught “liking” a tweet by Deion Sanders. That tweet was asking if the receiver could go to Tampa Bay with Brady.

Now, it should be pointed out that on the surface this doesn’t look great. However, it really doesn’t mean much.

The tweet from Sanders seems to be more of a “Wow, it will be strange seeing one without the other” type of deal. Which means it’s not really him demanding Edelman goes to Tampa Bay. He’s just pointing out it won’t look right seeing Brady and Edelman not connecting.

Due to that, you could look at it the same way for Edelman. The receiver is simply pointing out that he’s going to miss Brady and will feel weird not being on the same team as him.

With that being said though, it could still be interpreted as a subtle jab. You could look at it and get the feeling that Edelman does not want to be with the Patriots without Brady.

Based on the stats, you could see why too. In 131 career games, Edelman has 599 receptions for 6,507 yards and 36 touchdowns. That entire time he has had Brady has his primary quarterback.

Why would he want to try playing with a new QB if he already knows the formula that works best for him?

In the end though, this doesn’t really matter. Edelman is under contract through 2021, but by that time, Brady very well could be retired. Provided that, we might have already seen the last Brady-to-Edelman connection. However, we might not have even realize it.