Patriots news: N'Keal Harry says Julian Edelman has helped him a lot so far
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Patriots rookie N’Keal Harry says Julian Edelman has helped him a lot so far

N'Keal Harry, Patriots, Julian Edelman

New England Patriots first-round pick N’Keal Harry is excited to learn about life in the NFL, and so far he has leaned on veteran Julian Edelman. One of the biggest things that Harry has taken away from Edelman is just how he prepares before and after practice and has already started to add that to his routine.

“Just following his lead,” Harry said of Edelman via NBC Sports. “Just seeing the types of things he does, seeing the way he prepares before practice, after practice. Those are going to be the biggest things. He’s helped me a lot so far.”

Edelman has always prided himself on a good route runner, and Harry is trying to pick his brain on how to improve his route sharpness.

“Most definitely,” Harry said. “I’ve seen myself improve on route-running already within the first three days, so I’m just going to keep listening to him and keep that same approach and that same mindset coming into practice every day.”

Harry had a standout three-year career with the Arizona State Sun Devils and will probably be leaned on early in the Patriots offense. As a sophomore, hauled in 82 passes for 1,142 yards, and eight touchdowns. He played all three wide receiver positions at Arizona State, and there is a good chance that could happen again this year. Harry has a team-first attitude and is willing to play any of the positions, as long as he is helping the team win.

“I just want to do whatever I can to be successful and to help the team win,” Harry said. “Whatever coach asks of me, I’ll do it, whether that’s on the inside, whether that’s in the slot. If they want to put me in the backfield, it doesn’t matter. I’ll do whatever I need to do.”