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Pete Carroll calls Patriots QB Tom Brady ‘one of my heroes’

Tom Brady

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is 25 years older than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, but he still calls him one of his heroes.

Many look at Brady as a hero because of the Super Bowls he has led the Patriots to, but for Carroll, it comes down to something else: nutrition.

Carroll told Peter King of NBC Sports that the way Brady has taken a cutting edge approach to nutrition is impressive to him.

“Tom’s one of my heroes in the fact that he’s taken a cutting-edge approach to nutrition and wellbeing,” Carroll said via NESN. “It just shows you you can feel OK. If we keep eating the way we eat and we keep going the way we go, then you’re not gonna feel good.”

“You gotta work at it… We are eating our way into discomfort and there are plenty of ways to cut down the soreness and the aching and the inflammation, but we gotta work at it. I think that’s what’s changed. I don’t feel old at all. I’m ready to go. I’m cranked every day. I’m enjoying the heck out of it and hopefully, we’ll just keep on rolling.”

Carroll just turned 67 years old a couple of days ago but watching him on the sideline it would be hard to tell that. He is one of the most animated coaches on the sideline and a lot of that has to do with his diet and keeping himself in good health.

It’s clear Carroll has taken a keen interest in health, and it is paying off even as he gets older and older.

Now just think if the Seahawks wouldn’t have passed near the goal line in the Super Bowl, Brady would probably be an even bigger hero to the Seahawks coach.