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The reason Patriots’ Julian Edelman doesn’t belong in Hall of Fame, per LeSean McCoy

Julian Edelman LeSean McCoy Patriots Hall of Fame

Julian Edelman announced his retirement from the NFL on Monday after failing his physical. The New England Patriots felt it was for the best he’s no longer on the roster, as Edelman has been dealing with a serious knee injury for quite some time.

After Edelman announced his retirement, social media went into a frenzy on whether or not Edelman deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. The Patriots’ long-time slot receiver finished his career with 62- receptions, 6,822 yards, 36 touchdowns, and three Super Bowl rings.

Impressive stats no doubt, but is it enough to grant him into the Hall of Fame? During his interview with Yahoo Sports’ The Rush, veteran NFL running back, LeSean McCoy admitted he doesn’t think so.

“Hall of Famer? No, come on, man,” McCoy said. “You have 16 weeks to showcase who you are, what you can do each year. The playoffs matter but a lot of guys don’t get a chance to play in the playoffs,” McCoy said. “I won’t discredit him because I think he’s a great player, plays with a lot of heart, a lot of attitude, a lot of passion. I don’t want to rain on his parade because he’s retiring and he’s a hell of a player, but I don’t know about Hall of Fame.”

McCoy makes an interesting point, as he does mention Edelman’s greatness in the playoffs. However, looking over the entirety of his Patriots career, Edelman has been rather average in the regular season. For comparison, Hines Ward played a similar role as Edelman for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ward finished his career with 1000 receptions, 12,083 yards, 85 touchdowns, and two Super Bowl rings. Those are much better stats than Edelman has, and Ward isn’t considered to be a Hall of Fame player.

Edelman was a fantastic receiver for the New England Patriots, there is no question about it. However, based on LeSean McCoy’s argument, Edelman doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.