Ever since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick parted ways in 2020, many have speculated on the state of their relationship. Brady went on to find success outside of the New England Patriots organization, which arguably served as the final piece missing in his already GOAT-worthy resume.

Brady's Super Bowl win with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers proved that he was not purely a direct product of a Patriots system designed by Belichick. It also tilted the debate for anyone who argued in favor of Belichick over which of the two (very vital) cogs was a bigger factor in the two decades of success they shared in New England. One has a ring without the other.

With Tom Brady now assuring the public that he has no plans to upend his retirement like he did last season, he recently spoke out candidly on SportsCenter about a handful of topics, his former Patriots coach being one of them.

“He very much trusted what I was out there doing in the field, and it went both ways. Ultimately our success was because so many people in the organization, as coach Belichick always said, ‘do your job,' and I did as quarterback and leader,” Tom Brady said via ESPN, adding he “learned so much from him.”

The former Patriots QB also cleared the air on any lingering beef speculation, revealing Bill Belichick was one of the first to text him congratulations after his Super Bowl win with the Bucs.

Brady said he and Belichick “have a lot of mutual respect. Were there times where you know it wasn't always eye to eye? Very few and far between, actually. I still envision our relationship as positive and always will,” Tom Brady said.

Whether or not they did have a falling out at one point behind closed doors, it's hard to stay mad after at someone you won six Super Bowls with.