Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals saw the Cavaliers blow out the Atlanta Hawks in a game that ended 123-98, but was never really even that close.

The Cavs were on fire from the beginning, draining 18 from beyond the arc in the first half (an NBA record) and going into the third quarter up 74-38. They would end the game with another NBA record for most 3-pointers made in any game in NBA history with 25 made threes, demolishing the previous record set by the Warriors with 21.

While the record stands as an amazing accomplishment, some feel that it was unprofessional for the Cavs to run the score up in a game that was all but over. Paul Millsap was one such individual and made his feelings clear following the loss in Cleveland.

“It's a certain way of being a professional,” Millsap said, according to's Chris Haynes.

“I'm not mad about it, but just being professionals man. If that's how you want to approach it, that's how you approach it. I think our team and our organization has class and I don't think we would have continued to do that, but other organizations do other things so what can you do about it?”

The Cavs attempted seven 3-pointers during the final six minutes of Game 2, despite holding a 28-point lead. While some may call it unprofessional, others argue that if the Hawks don't want them to keep making threes, then stop them.

Either way you look at it, the game was an embarrassment for the Hawks who now trail the Cavs 2-0 in the series heading back to Atlanta. If the Hawks have any hope of winning the series, they need to lock down their home court and make it back to Cleveland tied at 2-2. But with the way LeBron and the Cavs have been playing, that's easier said than done.