Paul Millsap responds to trade rumors, wants to remain with Hawks
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Paul Millsap responds to trade rumors, wants to remain with Hawks

Paul Millsap

As they sit at 18-16, fifth in the Eastern Conference, the Atlanta Hawks are open to constructive change.

Since word got out that Atlanta was open to trade discussions, the basketball world has speculated as to which players may be available in the right trade. One guy that has been mentioned regularly, ahead of the trade deadline on Feb. 23, is Paul Millsap.

The power forward has now made it abundantly clear that he sees his future in Atlanta, as per the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“Rumors are rumors,” Millsap said. “I think we know that. Been down this road before. I think we talked at the beginning of the year that it wasn’t going to be the first or the last time. It is what it is. Whatever happens, I think everybody knows where my heart is and where I want to be. But we’ll see what happens. The only thing I can worry about and I can do is to go out there and play my butt off every night and try to get wins for this team.”

Whilst Millsap’s fate may not be in his hands, Hawks fans will be reassured by his desire to remain with the organization. Should Atlanta decide to trade him, he will certainly be disappointed, but for now he is focused on doing his best on the basketball court.

“I’m human,” Millsap said. “You don’t want to hear things like that. With that being said, I’m also a professional. I’ve been around the league for a while. I know the business of the league. Some stuff, like my mom said, you let it roll off your back like water on a duck’s back. You keep moving on.”

Millsap, who can opt out of his contract at the end of this year, has averaged 17.8 points, 8.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists since the beginning of the campaign. There will not be a lack of interest from teams around the league.

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