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Josh Hart gets hoodie of Rihanna’s IG comment after LeBron James’ poster dunk

Pelicans, Lakers

New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Hart received a peculiar birthday gift, as he was outfitted with a black hoodie displaying a Rihanna comment from a recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Former teammate LeBron James soared over his former teammate, which prompted singer Rihanna to express some mild concern in the comments for the Pelicans guard.

The poster couldn’t be a proud moment for Hart, but having RiRi check on you is never a bad thing.

Now the Villanova product can proudly display Rihanna knowing who he is while strolling about town, even if this started as a joke of sorts.

Rihanna has always been James’ fangirl, especially now that he moved to Los Angeles for a new venture with the Lakers. Hart may not be proud of getting jammed on by his former teammate LeBron James, but he surely will wear those threads, perhaps even on his birthday in full trolling spirit.

The Pelicans talent is averaging a career-high 10.2 points and 6.4 rebounds per game after being part of the trade that brought Anthony Davis to Los Angeles. He’s started 14 of 55 games this season, becoming one of Alvin Gentry’s key cogs off the bench as a capable shooter and defender.