Penn State football's Beaver Stadium is set to undergo a $700 million renovation. Nittany Lions Athletic Director Patrick Kraft spoke on the preparation to have the stadium ready for next football season and the updates that fans could expect. The main renovation will take place on the west side of the stadium, working on a 64-year-old facility.

“The winterization is occurring as we speak, so that was kind of ongoing.” said Kraft in December. “From that perspective from the renovation, we are going to be good with that. As you can see with Luke Combs [concert scheduled for April 27], we have to use this building more. I would sign up right here for a hockey game in this building, you know, today. Like everything else, just takes a lot of moving parts and working with the NHL.”

This is going to be a long process for the Penn State football team and other administrators at the university. Kraft says this is a “major project” and the university is still working through specific details based on the timing and necessary updates. He explains that the school will go through every evaluation to make the project a perfect setting for Penn State football, creating the best modern-day structure they possibly can.

“The demolition scope consists of completely separating and removing the entire West sideline structure,” per Mark Wogenrich at All Penn State. They're set to be working on different aspects of the stadium from 2024 and 2025, with the project potentially going into the 2026 offseason.