Five lucky couples have found their “perfect match.”

On Friday (June 21), Netflix released the second season of Perfect Match where 25 hopeful singles ventured to Tulum to find their other half. Through several matches, unmatches, and emotional walkouts, five couples remained standing for the finale.

The five couples at the finale:

– Micah Lussier (Love Is Blind) and Kaz Bishop (Dated and Related)
– Elys Hutchinson (Too Hot to Handle) and Bryton Constantin (Squid Game: The Challenge)
– Chris Hahn (Dated and Related) and Tolú Ekundare (The Trust)
– Alara Taneri (Dated and Related) and Stevan Ditter (Too Hot to Handle)
– Christine Obanor (Too Hot to Handle) and Nigel Euro (Too Hot to Handle)

Prior to the finale, the sixth couple, Harry Jowsey (Too Hot to Handle) and Jessica Vestal (Love Is Blind), broke up and left the villa teary-eyed but participated to figure out who would be crowned season two’s perfect match.

The Perfect Match was a rollercoaster of emotions, but the cast returned to make the final decision Justin Assad, who was previously matched with Elys, was the only castmate who did not return.

After the contestants casted their votes, newcomers Christine and Nigel took home the crown from season two. The couple enjoyed a luxurious vacation in Thailand to deepen their connections.

Who Is Still Together From Perfect Match Season Two?

Christine & Nigel


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After the season two finale, Christine and Nigel showed off snippets of their vacation in Thailand as they got to know one another intimately. Christine and Nigel were in the villa for the shortest amount of time as Kaz brought in the LA model before he unmatched — then later rematched with Micah. The couple had met one other time outside of the villa in New York, and having neither of them make a move despite having an interest in one another, their timing in the villa seemingly looked like a perfect match. After Kaz sat down with Christine after her date with Nigel, Kaz decided to work on his relationship with Micah, leaving Christine without a match. However, after Christine and Nigel both agreed that they enjoyed their date and wanted to use this opportunity to get to know one another, they decided to push the “do not disturb” tab on their door and match up for the night.


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Despite leaving the Perfect Match in post-reality show bliss, Christine and Nigel are no longer together per People.

Harry & Jessica


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Despite many women on the show advising Jessica not to go for Harry because of his bad-boy past, the mom of one decided to give him a shot. The two seemingly had an instant connection after Harry was put on a date with Jessica. At the time, he was matched with Elys but decided to end their relationship and start one with Jessica.

Their relationship was tested when Melinda Melrose and Harry kissed. This was during the time when the women, who were unmatched, came to an undisclosed beach to meet with the male contestants. It ultimately broke up the two since Harry did not disclose the kiss or “put a baby in you” comments. Harry and Jessica decided to leave the villa on their own accord.


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Jessica was brought back to the villa and matched with Izzy Zapata (Love is Blind) after their aerial yoga date. Unfortunately, they were not a perfect match, and this time, both Jessica and Izzy agreed to end their brief relationship as she was still processing her breakup with Harry.

After the winners were announced, a short video of Jessica and Harry was shown on screen, and they updated fans on their relationship. Jessica said that she was giving Harry the opportunity to “woo her, however, it was later revealed in the end credits that they broke up a week after the video was shot.

Micah & Kaz


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Micah and Kaz were once among the strongest couples in the house. They won back-to-back competitions and had genuine interest in one another. Unfortunately, arguments started to arise, and they broke up. Kaz ended up matching with Christine, and Micah had a friendship match with Izzy. Things took a turn when Christine went on her date with Nigel, and Kaz went over to Micah to apologize. Micah ended up forgiving Kaz for choosing Christine, and they ended up back together.

As for after filming, Micah and Kaz are no longer together.

Elys & Bryton


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Elys and Bryton have been on the show since day one but decided to match with over love prospects. Elys had been previously matched with Harry and Justin. She also had a friendship match with Chris. However, it was something about Bryton that stuck out to her, and the two decided to match. At the time, Elys was matched with Justin, and when she began to feel a connection with Bryton, she called things off. Bryton was first matched with Dominique Defoe (Too Hot To Handle), but she ended up choosing Chris to match with and sending Bryton home.

Elys and Bryton saw one another again when the unmatched men were brought back into the villa for a short time. The couple was very cautious at first, with Elys telling Bryton she was still interested in her current match, Justin. Bryton was not convinced and still pursued Elys — and single Micah at the time. Elys eventually made her move, ended her relationship with Justin, and matched with Bryton.


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While their time as a couple was short-lived they had some promise but unfortunately the two have decided to go their separate ways.

Chris & Tolú


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A friendship match turned romantic. Chris and Tolú had a lot of doubters in the beginning, but they proved them wrong. Tolú was matched with Dom Gabriel (Perfect Match season one) briefly until she took a chance with Chris. The couple almost broke up after Chris seemingly wanted to get to know the other women in the house, but after the misunderstanding, the couple came back stronger than ever. Unfortunately, their love was short-lived, and they are no longer together.

Alara & Stevan


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Alara and Stevan were the fan favorites this season. Stevan was first matched with Micah but in the infamous “wife swap” with Kaz, he matched with Xanthu Perdikomatis (The Circle) who was with Kaz at the time. Stevan and Xanthi Perdikomatis (The Circle) did not last long because he was soon set up on a date with Alara who they stuck together until the end. Unfortunately, while it might come as a shock to fans, the couple are no longer in a relationship.


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