LIV Golf has posed a threat to the well-being of the PGA ever since its preliminary plans were announced. Many of the world's top golfers flirted with the idea of joining the rival league, which promised massive earnings in the form of gargantuan salaries and overflowing purses. Flirt isn't all they did.

Stars such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau seceded for LIV Golf. The PGA Tour, determined to put a stop to the coup, announced suspensions for those bolting for the rival league. However, players have continued to join LIV, leaving the Tour no choice but to consider these drastic changes, per ESPN.

In response to the LIV Golf threat, the PGA Tour hopes to introduce a revamped schedule that will include increased purses worth at least $20 million in at least eight existing marquee events and three new events in a global golf series that will include no cuts, limited fields and purses of at least $25 million, sources told ESPN on Tuesday.

ESPN reports that the PGA is considering changes to the schedule in 2023, including increased purses worth upwards of $20 million in eight existing events. The Tour is also weighing the idea of adding three new events in a worldwide series, featuring no cuts, smaller fields and $25 million purses.

Nothing has been finalized yet, though the PGA is hoping to implement the changes in next year's calendar. The players were informed of the plans during a meeting at the Traveler's Championship in Connecticut on Tuesday.

The PGA player's advisory committee would still be required to approve the changes. With a suspension proving to be an inadequate deterrent, the PGA is planning on whipping out its wallet to entice players to stay.