Detroit Pistons fans didn't hold back in criticizing the referees following the team's last-second loss to the New York Knicks on Monday.

Fans particularly took issue with the no-call on Ausar Thompson late in the contest that would have likely changed the result. Instead, it resulted to a turnover and an eventual Josh Hart game-winner for the 113-111 Knicks win.

The Knicks-Pistons showdown came down the wire, and it appeared like Detroit would be able to escape with a win after they forced a New York turnover with less than 10 seconds left. With Thompson getting the ball and proceeding to take it to their side of the court, Donte DiVincenzo tackled him and caused him to fall down.

Of course Thompson lost the ball, but there was no whistle and play continued. Jalen Brunson recovered the possession, with the ball eventually finding Hart down the rim for the winner.

Fans simply couldn't believe that Donte DiVincenzo wasn't slapped with a foul call on Ausar Thompson despite the fact that the Knicks guard hit the Pistons rookie to the knee. He even fell hard to the floor.

“Donte DiVincenzo spears the knees of Ausar Thompson, isn’t called for a foul, the Knicks then score and win. WHAT!” one fan shared in disbelief.

“Ausar got hit-sticked like it was the 2007 NFL playoffs and no foul lmfao,” another critic said.

A third commenter said, “This is like the 3rd or 4th controversial ending this league has had in the last 3 weeks, but they won’t do anything about it because the teams that are involved in these are small markets, so they don’t care about it. Absolute garbage league.”

Here are more reactions to the crazy sequence:

It will definitely be interesting to see what the NBA L2M Report say about the play. Unfortunately for the Pistons, it really won't do anything. They have now suffered their sixth straight loss despite being more than deserving to win.