Javin Hunter, the father of Detroit Pistons guard Jaden Ivey, was recently interviewed on the King and Deuce Podcast addressing some major storylines regarding his son and the franchise. One of the biggest narratives surrounding the Pistons this season was the decision by head coach Monty Williams to bring Ivey off the bench instead of starting as expected by many.

Hunter directly addressed the statements of Ivey being upset with his new role and handling by his coach. The rumors were immediately debunked as Hunter emphasized Ivey's desire to ‘put on for Detroit'.

“Jaden was all in to whatever the coaches wanted him to do and asked him to do. He was willing to work hard to do whatever the team needed to win, and that's Jaden's perspective. Jaden is very strong in his faith. He never lost faith in his own ability. He never wanted to rock the boat over there. He just wanted to be a good teammate and a coachable player.”

The Pistons youngster stated that “there wasn't anything said” to him about his new role prior to the season starting per Yahoo Sports. That created plenty of controversy that Ivey and Coach Williams did not have the best relationship. Hunter cleared that rumor by reassuring Ivey and Williams are in a good place.

“Jaden wants to put on for Detroit. He wants to be here, he's 100% in on being a Detroit Piston. He's going to do whatever it takes to make it work. It looks like him and Monty have a great relationship. They have started to look good together over these last few weeks, so we want to continue that moving forward and continue the progress.”