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Video: Andre Drummond disrespects’ Jonas Valanciunas’ jumper

jonas valanciunas, andre drummond

Throughout his five-year NBA career so far, Jonas Valanciunas has established himself as one of the better centers in the league. His ability to score in different ways, as well as effectively defend his counterparts, have allowed him to become the Toronto Raptors’ undisputed starter. However, he has not been known to be a decent shooter from beyond the arc.

During their preseason game on Tuesday against the Detroit Pistons, the 25-year-old Lithuanian center found himself wide open for the 3-point attempt. With still a chance to contest his shot though, Andre Drummond decided not to even bother to defend him, and made a gesture that completely disrespected his shooting ability.

Jonas Valanciunas has only attempted four shots from that distance in the NBA. Last year, he made his first ever 3-pointer, and went 1-for-2 for the season. That remains to be a weak point of his game, and it can be expected that he’ll operate more near the basket.

However, if he takes on Andre Drummond’s disrespect as motivation for him to improve his outside shooting, the Raptors center could turn out to be a stretch five in the future. But for now, he’ll have to work hard for that to happen first, and prove the Pistons center wrong next time.