If he wasn’t a professional basketball player, Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin is still likely crisscrossing the country – but as a standup comic. It’s never been a secret that Griffin has a little Mitch Hedberg inside of him, and he showed some of those comedic chops in a recent back-and-forth with comedian Jeff Ross in Comedy Central’s “Roast Battle.”

A clip from that showdown which shows Griffin putting his former team, the L.A. Clippers, and Ross’ bald head on blast was earlier released. Griffin, however, should have known better than to come to a battle against a seasoned and unforgiving veteran of the roast game with weak material.

Now, we know how easily Jeff Ross turned the table on Griffin, as he mercilessly picked on the low-hanging fruit that was the latter’s relationship with Kendall Jenner.

“And just like the Clippers, Kendall eventually traded you for another basketball player. The season hasn't started yet and your ex is already leading you in rebounds.”

Wow. That’s some savage stuff from Ross, who probably gave Griffin that “I immediately regret this decision” feeling right after that sick burn. The only thing that was missing was Ralph Lawler shouting “Oh me, oh my!” in the background.

See, Kendall Jenner and Griffin used to be in a relationship, but that was before Jenner hooked up with Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons.

Griffin was a good sport about it, so we have to give him that, but for a moment there, he knew what it’s like to be Mozgoved.