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PlayStation Now adds Nioh, Jump Force, Streets of Rage 4 on May 2021

PlayStation Now, Nioh, Jump Force, Streets of Rage 4

Sony announced that starting May 4, PlayStation Now subscribers will have access Nioh, Jump Force, and Streets of Rage 4.

Sony’s PlayStation Now library of hundreds of the games now has NiohJump Force, and Streets of Rage 4

Sony’s PlayStation Now subscription service offers players access to over 800 games from the PS2 to the PS4 for their PS4, PS5, and Windows PC. The subscription service goes for $60 a year or $10 a month. Starting May 4, three new games will become available as part of this library. These are:

Nioh (Team Ninja, 2017, Action Role-Playing Soulslike)

Nioh brings players back to the 1600s Sengoku Period of Japan, taking control of Irishman William Adams. He’s on the hunt for Edward Kelley, who has been sowing conflict in Japan. It’s perfect for fans of Japanese culture and historical fiction. For those wanting to try out Nioh 2 but haven’t even played Nioh yet (for some reason), try it out on PlayStation Now.

Streets of Rage 4 (Dotemu, 2020, Beat ‘Em Up Fighting)

Fans of arcade classics can get a taste of a modern version of the Streets of Rage game since it’s now part of PlayStation Now. Bringing modernity to an old tried-and-tested formula, this game has been a huge success, shipping over 1.5 million copies. Play this game with a friend and see how Streets of Rage 4 fill your empty afternoons with beat-’em-up goodness.

Jump Force (Bandai Namco, 2019, Fighting)

Fans of Japanese manga will have a blast playing Jump Force, a cross-over fighting game between different Shōnen Jump titles. Although the game didn’t do as well as one would expect with its star power, it’s still an enjoyable game, especially if you’re into some of the anime series featured in Jump Force.

If you’re looking for other Bandai Namco games or Japanese games in general, get some discounted titles on Steam until May 6, 2021.