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Pokemon Legends Arceus gets ‘Blair Witch Project’-style trailer

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All trailers and gameplay footage revealed about Pokemon Legends Arceus so far have shown that it’s not your traditional Pokemon game. However, The Pokemon Company isn’t shy to drive this point further home, releasing a teaser trailer that feels completely different from what you’d usually expect from a Pokemon game.

Recently, The Pokemon Company released a found-footage style video teaser to promote Pokemon Legends Arceus, described by one Redditor as “Blair Witch Project parody style” for its static footage elements and documentary-style appearance.

The video depicts what may be a researcher or an adventurer documenting the Hisui region, the setting of Pokemon Legends Arceus. The researcher encountered different Pokemon, including what might be a Snorunt, and a Pokemon that resembles a Growlithe and a Vulpix, described to have a red tip on its tail, with fluffy white fur on top of its head and around its neck. At the end of the footage, the recorder appears to have been attacked by a wild Pokemon, possibly a parent of the Pokemon that he was recording until then.

Pokemon Legends Arceus will mix up the classic Pokemon formula, possibly as a response to frustrated fans who found Pokemon Sword and Shield to be too formulaic. The game releases exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.