When filling up your Pokedex, there is one important thing to get to make catching Pokemon easier, and that is False Swipe. In catching Pokemon, it's easier to increase the chance of success rate of catching by lowering the HP of wild Pokemon.  With the False Swipe TM, you will be able to guarantee a wild Pokemon to have at least 1 HP, to get the highest possible success rate of catching. Of course, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is no exception to this mechanic so where to we get the it and what is the best Pokemon to give it to.

In order to get the False Swipe TM, all you have to do is to go to Naranja Academy or Uva Academy and speak to Professor Jacq. He will only ask you to have 30 registered Pokemon in your Pokedex. After acquiring 30 registrations in your Pokedex, he will immediately give it to you when you show him your progress. TM057, False Swipe, is now yours for the taking.

After unlocking the False Swipe TM, you can craft more of it by combining the following at any Pokemon Center.

  • 3 Chewtle Claws 
  • 3 Kricketot Shells
  • 400 LP

This move lets you attack any wild Pokemon you see, which will guarantee not defeating the Pokemon by accident, making it much easier to catch Pokemon, especially rare and shiny ones.

Best Pokemon to teach False Swipe to in Scarlet & Violet

One of the best Pokemon to teach False Swipe TM to is Gallade because of its high stats for Attack, which can easily lower the HP of any Pokemon to the maximum amount. It can also learn the Hypnosis, which will also give the defending Pokemon a status effect that also increases the chance of catching it. Combined low health and status effect will make a wild Pokemon easier to catch.

Another Pokemon that is best to have with is Scyther (or Scizor), given that its ability is Technician, which will boost the damage dealt by the move.

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It is best to get the move False Swipe if you are gunning to complete your Pokedex, which is Professor Jacq's next challenge. Once you get the move, you will have an easier time catching more Pokemon.

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