The Nashville Predators and Barry Trotz recently moved off on from head coach John Hynes and hired Andrew Brunette as a replacement, and there are a couple of reasons why. One of them has to do with improving on offense, according to Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic.

“But in Brunette, who signed a four-year deal in Nashville, the Predators believe they have someone who can instill an offensive game that the organization frankly has never really been known for,” LeBrun wrote in an article for The Athletic. “And the way goals per game rose again this season in the NHL — the way the game is being played — Trotz understands that his team needs to be in that mold.”

Barry Trotz and Andrew Brunette also have a prior connection, and that established relationship likely played a part in the hiring.

“And of course, the fact that Trotz knows Brunette from coaching him as a player spoke to an existing relationship,” LeBrun wrote in his article for The Athletic.

Trotz is trying to build a team in Nashville that fits his vision. It has to be encouraging for Predators fans that he is adapting to what wins in the NHL nowadays. Hopefully with Brunette as the team's head coach, the two will be aligned in their philosophy and the team can improve its offensive production in the future.

It will be on Trotz and the front office to identify and acquire the right players for the team, and Brunette to make all of the pieces fit together right.