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PSA Grading Gets Long-Awaited Update On Massive NBA Card Backlog

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A couple of months ago, PSA announced an increase in its prices to control the surge in demand for graded cards. Shortly after that announcement, the grading company decided to stop accepting orders for almost all of their services to reduce the massive backlog they were dealing with.

As a result, the card market halted for a day or two to properly process the implications of this development. After what seemed like an eternity for some, PSA has now come out with a long-awaited update on how they’re doing with the said backlog.


In a tweet shared by Cardporn, card collector Nat Turner said PSA has caught up with the insane Order Entry task of their backlog management. This means every single card submitted by the customers has been entered into the company’s system. With the exception of a few problematic submissions, like orders with an incorrect card count or a missing payment method, it seems that the worst is over for the grading company.

The next step here is the actual grading the of cards, encasing them in their respective slabs, and entering the grade into their system. After that, PSA will then inform their customers of the grades their cards have attained, and ship them out in the soonest time possible.

This recent announcement from PSA is certainly a very welcome development for card enthusiasts who have sorely missed their services. At the same time, the impending return of PSA to accepting orders will put their competitors on notice, which will definitely keep things in the grading industry more interesting in the months ahead.