Right after its successful collaboration with Fortnite, it would seem that Dragonball has no plans of slowing down. Now, a teaser came out for a PUBG Mobile collab with Dragonball Super that is in the works. Keep reading to find out when it will be, along with what you can expect from it.

In a tweet on their official account, PUBG Mobile said that a collaboration was on the way, and is set to come out in 2023. There are no specifics yet as to when exactly this collaboration will happen, however. This is not the first time that PUBG Mobile has collaborated with an animated series, as just the previous year they also collabed with the hit Netflix series Arcane. This year, they also collaborated with Baby Shark, a move that both confused and amused players of the game.

PUBG Mobile Collab Expectations

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Not much has been released yet about any specific details regarding the collab. However, players can hazard a guess based on previous collaborations. Based on the collab with Arcane, we can expect to be able to play as characters from the show. This can come in the form of costumes from the shop, or as the characters themselves. This happened in the Arcane collab when players could play as champions from the show. The Fortnite collab with Dragonball also sold costumes of characters from the anime, along with a themed weapon.

A modified map or a special game mode could also be included in the collaboration. The Arcane collaboration introduced a floating island that changed up how the matches were played. It would not come as a surprise if PUBG Mobile does the same thing.

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PUBG Mobile Collab Tease Reception

The reaction to the collab has been mostly negative if the replies and quote retweets are anything to go by. Fortnite was recently collabing with Dragonball, and as such people have said that PUBG Mobile is copying Fortnite. It doesn't help that four years prior, PUBG tried to sue Fortnite for allegedly copying it. Although there are people who seem genuinely excited about the collab, the same can't be said about the rest. We'll just have to wait and see once more details have been released.