We’re pretty sure that the R6 community is dying to know when the new season will launch. We finally confirmed when the r6 siege Crystal Guard Release Date will be. The Crystal Guard update went live on the test servers on August 17. Usually, these servers run for around three weeks, and that third week ends today. Even though everyone is still questioning when Crystal Guard will launch, we have some insightful information about what’s to come. 

R6 Siege Crystal Guard Release Date: September 7, 2021

R6 Siege Crystal Guard Release Date is on September 7, 2021.

R6 Siege Crystal Guard Osa revealed

Osa is Rainbow Six Siege’s first-ever transgender character to join the operator roster. Her character recently joined the roster after the playtest servers for Crystal Guard launched. Osa hails from Croatia and she’s part of the Nighthaven CTU. 

Here’s a rundown of Osa’s in-game stats:

  • Armor – 2
  • Speed – 2
  • Primary Weapons – 556XI Assault Rifle/PDW9 Submachine Gun
  • Secondary Weapon – PMM
  • Secondary Gadgets – Smoke Grenades/Claymore Mines

Osa’s primary gadget is the Talon Shield, which is a transparent version of the deployable shield. She will only get two charges per round to utilize her gadget. The Talon Shield is capable of covering a whole doorway and half a double doorway. Sadly, while using the shield, Osa can’t use any of her weapons, she can’t sprint, neither can she prone. However, as long as she’s holding on for dear life on the Talon Shield, enemies wouldn’t be able to hit her. Be wary though because compared to a regular deployable shield, the Talon Shield is far more fragile. Instead of bulletproof metal, her shield is made of bulletproof glass which makes it more penetrable. 

Resident Evil Crossover

The R6 Siege Crystal Guard Release Date will also offer a new elite skin in collaboration with a very horrific game. Players can now play as Resident Evil’s very own Leon S. Kennedy in R6 Siege. Lion is receiving Leon’s skin this coming season and the set is called the Elite Lion Set. Get ready to land some headshots, this time on regular operators.

R6 Siege Crystal Guard Operator Reworks

Here’s a list of operators getting reworked this coming Year 6 Season 3:

  • Fuze – His cluster grenades are now capable of blasting through reinforced walls. However, activation time takes longer in order to balance out his grenades’ buff. Opposing teams now have an increased chance of defending themselves from the deadly explosive. 
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  • IQ – Her scanning tool now has the ability to highlight other detected gadgets within the radius. This gives IQ the capability to ping the gadget for her teammates. 
  • Twitch – Her drones are deadlier than ever. Instead of shock darts, her drones now shoot out lasers while having the capacity to jump. Twitch is also getting a standard drone that allows her to scout enemy positions in the preparation phase. 

R6 Siege Crystal Guard Map Changes

Three maps in the game are receiving minor tweaks in the Crystal Guard update:


  • Banisters on staircases are no longer made from metal. Instead, they are now made from wood.
  • The vault hatch is now deeper into the vault.
  • Elevators got a rework in order to make them more feasible for both teams.
  • The top windows leading to the parking garage referred to as “banana” are now blocked off.
  • A few banisters in the Square Lobby are now covered.
  • Square Lobby skylight is now covered up.
  • A second door is now added in between the Lobby and ATMs.


  • Bombsite locations are now reworked and are called Stage and Bar instead of Stock and Bar.
  •  The double soft wall in between Construction and Cash is now sealed up.


  • Concrete bars on the courtyard are now gone, though defenders can now barricade them.
  • The VIP balcony now has a soft wall that allows players to rappel from the balcony until the roof.

Gameplay Updates when the R6 Siege Crystal Guard Release Date comes around

  • Flashes in the game just got a buff. Traditionally, players get flashed when looking at the flash. Players will now get flashed within a certain radius no matter if you’re looking or not. To balance things out, the time for being flashed is a lot faster now. 
  • Players now have the creative freedom to mix and match different skins together.
  • Every character model now possesses a light shade effect so it would be easier to spot enemies. Gone are the days when you can wear camouflaging skins. 
  • The Armor and Health changes tested in R6 Siege Year 6 Season are now being fully implemented this coming season.

Are you excited to play as the game’s first-ever transgender character? Probably you’re itching to equip Leon’s skin? R6 Siege Year 6 Season 3 Crystal Guard is coming soon!