The R6 Siege Year 7 Season 1 Demon Veil has been revealed, introducing a new Japanese Operator and the first map to be added to the game's pool in over three years.

See Azami, the new R6 Siege Operator from Year 7 Season 1 Demon Veil, in action, here.

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1 Demon Veil also brings about a new, permanent Team Deathmatch game mode, gameplay updates including Attacker Repick, universal sights, and more. The new season comes just in time for the unveiling of the Rainbow Six Siege competitive esports roadmap for 2022 and beyond.

New Operator Azami and New Map Emerald Plains introduced

In Demon Veil, uncover the secrets of Azami, an enigmatic new Defender, equipped with the Kiba Barrier gadget, a throwable canister that deploys an expandable material that solidifies into a bulletproof surface, providing fast cover either for her or for her teammates. Azami's gadget also allows her to repair holes in walls and floors, creating for a more mobile and versatile defensive approach. Azami is a medium speed, medium health Operator, and her loadout features a 9X19SVN or an ACS12 as a primary weapon and a D-50 as a secondary weapon.

Apart from the new operator, R6 Siege Year 7 Season 1 also introduces the first new map in the game in over three years – Emerald Plains. Emerald Plains is set, surprisingly, in Ireland. We would have expected the new map to match the country of the new Agent, but this isn't new. In any case, Emeral Plains is a modern country club with multiple levels. Players would like to try the game out in casual environments first before heading to competitive, especially since this new map is as challenging as it is new.

R6 Siege Year 7 Season 1 New Gameplay Features and Updates

Demon Veil also introduces new gameplay features and gameplay updates, such as:

  • Attacker Repick – allows Attackers to change their Operator and loadout during the Preparation Phase, allowing Attackers to use the intel gathered and adjust their strategy. The match header has also been updated to help make informed decisions when changing their Operator or loadout. Attacker Repick is available for Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked, and Pro League playlists.
  • New Team Deathmatch Mode – a permanent new game mode – meaning it's here to stay beyond R6 Siege Year 7 Season 1. Team Deathmatch provides the perfect environment for players to warm up and practice their aim before competitive matches, as well as offering a more casual gameplay experience within R6 Siege.
  • Match Replay for Console – the much-needed match replay and spectator mode that is available for PC players is now also available for console players.
  • Operator Balancing Updates – Goyo and Valkyrie have been reworked to help them become more competitive.
  • New Elite Skin for Nomad – so you can set up new blings for your favorite Operators

Finally, R6 Siege Year 7 Season 1 also introduces a new Incentive Program: when players report issues on R6Fix and have their status reach “Under Investigation,” they will receive one reward per season, determined by the highest severity issue out of all their reports. Players from both Test Servers and Live Servers can report issues and have a chance to earn a reward for contributing to the R6 Siege ecosystem.

R6 Siege Year 7 Season 1 is available for all of the platforms that has R6 Siege: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and on PC.