The Oakland Raiders recently made a move that took everyone by surprise. The team parted ways with All-Pro punter Marquette King in a move that appears to have been a statement from new head coach Jon Gruden in terms of the culture he's creating in Oakland during his second stint.

Shortly after King was released, the 29-year-old punter agreed to terms with the division rival Denver Broncos. King signed a three-year deal with Denver and will now face his former team twice a year. The outspoken punter stated a “revenge factor” being part of the reason he signed with the Broncos and that hasn't exactly sat well with Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin.

Irvin followed up his first tweet with one that might strike some fear into King when he suits up against the Raiders next season. The veteran linebacker seems intent on making his presence felt against Denver with his sights set solely on King.

Whether Irvin is serious or simply messing around during the offseason with a former teammate remains to be seen. One thing is for certain, however; the Raiders-Broncos rivalry just got a bit more heated with one of Gruden's casualties not taking too lightly on being released for seemingly no reason whatsoever outside of a potential character issue that the new head coach didn't want to deal with.

The two times these division rivals play during the 2018 campaign will definitely be must-see TV. Denver and Oakland are expected to be forces to be reckoned with in the AFC with both teams making major adjustments during the NFL offseason.