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Raiders QB Derek Carr says new GM Mike Mayock has been ‘amazing’

Derek Carr, Mike Mayock, Raiders

When Jon Gruden hired Mike Mayock as the Oakland Raiders’ new general manager, Gruden came under harsh criticism, with some even accusing him of nepotism for simply hiring his friend.

After all, Mayock was simply an NFL Draft analyst with no front office experience, so you can see why there was so much backlash when Gruden named him the Raiders’ GM earlier this offseason.

But, Mayock has gone on to have a pretty impressive offseason thus far, landing big names such as Antonio Brown, Trent Brown, and Lamarcus Joyner, and Oakland quarterback Derek Carr is raving about the job he has done.

“Oh my goodness. Mayock has been amazing,” said Carr during a live chat session on YouTube. “Obviously, Reggie (McKenzie) drafted me. Mr. McKenzie was amazing, and he was awesome. And I love him dearly. But Mayock has been amazing. He’s been honest with me the whole process. He’s laid out the vision for the whole offseason to me, and everything he has said to me as the quarterback, as the leader of the team, has been right on point. As a leader, you take whatever he’s saying and you go to the team saying, ‘dude, he’s doing everything he said he was going to do.’ Just helping us with some more players, and other things that he’s been doing, it’s been really cool just to see everything that him and coach have said to me just play out exactly how it’s played out.”

The Raiders are coming off of a season in which they won just four games, and the franchise has made just one playoff appearance since last making the Super Bowl during the 2002-03 campaign, so Carr better hope Mayock is amazing at his job.