Raiders news: Mark Davis essentially admits that Jon Gruden runs the show in Oakland
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Raiders owner Mark Davis essentially admits that Jon Gruden runs the show in Oakland

Mark Davis, Jon Gruden, Raiders

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis has made it pretty well known that head coach Jon Gruden holds a lot of power within the struggling franchise.

The Raiders currently sit at 3-10 on the season, but at this point, that’s just one of many concerns for the team as they’re in need of a new general manager while also dealing with a federal lawsuit from the city of Oakland.

Former GM Reggie McKenzie was fired earlier in the week, so a search for his replacement will begin soon enough.

But the search process itself may be saying a lot about the power that Gruden wields, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Here’s what Davis had to say about the current GM situation:

“One of the issues we have right now is when you’re dealing with player personnel and the General Managers, they’re on a different schedule than the football team is,” Davis said. “The General Manager sees an end basically in April or May after they’ve drafted the players and after they’ve gotten through the first series of free agency. So right now, there’s a lot of people that are on other teams that may be suitable for the Raiders, but we can’t talk to them, and we won’t be able to talk to them until May or so. So right now we’re limited to talking to people who are not on other teams or in the college ranks or something of that nature. That’s the interesting part of this.”

And here’s Florio’s overall summary as to the thoughts of the Raiders being limited in terms of when and how they’ll make a new hire:

Davis also is saying, without saying it, that Gruden has all the power that a traditional G.M. would possess.

It means that the Raiders may not have a G.M. through the 2019 draft, one in which the Raiders possess three first-round picks. Then again, they have Gruden. Which means that, as a practical matter, they already have their G.M.

With the team’s location yet to be determined for the 2019 NFL season, things are certainly never boring when it comes to this franchise.

The Raiders will return to the field on Sunday for a matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals.