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Tyrell Williams speaks out on biggest difference between playing for Raiders and Chargers

Tyrell Williams, Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Tyrell Williams has now played for four different cities in his NFL career despite playing for only two franchises.

When he was asked what the difference was between playing for the Chargers in Los Angeles and the Raiders in Oakland, here was how he responded, via Anthony Galaviz of The Fresno Bee:

“Fans. Actually have home games. There’s fans everywhere. They’re into the game.”

Chargers crowds since the franchise moved to Los Angeles in 2017 have been lambasted for not coming out in droves to attend games, allowing opponents’ fans to flood into the stadium, thereby ruining any concept of home-field advantage. There has been considerable animosity between the organization and its former San Diego fan base, many of whom have turned away from supporting the franchise.

Williams will again be entering a new environment of fans in 2020 when the Raiders become the first NFL team to kick off a football game in Las Vegas. Similarly to the Chargers’ departure from San Diego, there are likewise many bitter Oakland Raiders fans who are unlikely to remain supportive of the franchise as they leave for the bright lights and bells and whistles of Vegas.

Williams has put up solid production over the past three years, whether it be as a Charger or Raider, averaging 42 receptions, 677 receiving yards and five touchdowns in that span.

Entering his second season of a four-year deal, Williams will have to get used to the fans in Vegas, no matter their level of raucousness.