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Rams WR Brandin Cooks pays for team custodian to watch Super Bowl 53 live in Atlanta

The Los Angeles Rams are headed to Super Bowl LIII while the NFC West franchise is now gearing up to take on the heralded New England Patriots. However, the Rams won’t be alone in Atlanta as the team has officially invited a special guest to come along for the ride come Sunday evening.

The Rams’ official Twitter account posted the following video on social media on Tuesday while formally inviting the team’s custodian to Super Bowl LIII. Not only that, but the Rams will be picking up the tab for pretty much everything involved with the round-trip endeavor.

Although social media often creates conflict and back-and-forth banter with absolutely no end in sight, social media also provides us with special moments like this. Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks clearly made this man’s day, month, year and even life. What makes this even more special, though? The custodian quietly celebrates that he will also be able to bring his son along for the ride and experience of a liftetime. Hard work does pay off!

Not to be forgotten, however, the Rams have quite the test ahead of them as the Patriots will be playing in their third straight Super Bowl. With heralded quarterback Tom Brady once again leading the way for New England, the Patriots are also seeking the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl title with Brady leading the AFC East powerhouse to a whopping nine championship games along the way.

The Rams and Patriots will battle it out on Sunday evening in Atlanta.